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Accurate Tarot Reading

Find out where you are going based on where you have been. At Park Ridge Psychic, Maria Johnson will read your past, providing an accurate understanding of what you were like in a previous life. Her honest insights are available to people around Park Ridge, New Jersey.

Tarot Card Reading

Past Life Readings

Past life readings will tell you the total amount of lives you have lived, plus what you were like during those years. In addition, Maria will help make a connection between the past and the present, showing you exactly how all of your lives connect. Use the lessons of the past to improve your present when you sit down with Maria for a one-on-one session.

Master Tarot Card Reader

Tarot card reading is an in-depth process that covers that past, present, and future of your current life in order to answer any and all of your questions. Maria uses tarot cards to guide her in your journey for the truth, which will result in specific, time-sensitive details. Combining the power of the Rider Tarot Deck and an Angel Tarot, Maria will gather information from the universe to get you the wisdom you seek.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are points in the physical body that contain energy, and each point works with one another. If you are suffering from a blockage in your throat chakra, the result could be a block in communications. Through Maria's chakra balancing, you will achieve clarity, rid your body of negativity, maintain positive energy, improve your love life, and even enhance your communication skills and spiritual balance. Through multiple sessions, Maria will balance your chakra through a simple process that involves lying down while crystals are arranged at your chakra points.