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Do you have questions about your love life? Do you want to know why you are going through a particular situation? Would you like to know more about your future? We all wish to have the answers to these big questions, and Maria  can help. As the head of Park Ridge Psychic, she specializes in love tarot readings, palm readings, and even chakra balancing. Maria offers the truth to people looking for it in Park Ridge, New Jersey.

Soul Mate Identification

Your soul mate is the person you are meant to be with for the rest of your life. Sometimes, we can have more than one, and they are there to be your partners and provide that romantic element you are searching for. With Maria's readings, she will tell you how many soul mates you actually have, if that person is already in your life, or if you are still destined to meet them.

Palm Reading

Find out who you really are when you let Maria perform a palm reading for you. She can reveal your personality type and explore your character traits. Maria looks into the lines of your palm and can decipher and interpret headlines, lifelines, and love lines. 

Palm Reading

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings tap into your energy. Maria views the energy around you, picks up on your vibrations, sees pictures in your mind, and is empathetic with your emotions. You will be able to feel other people's emotions and energies around you as she taps into yours. Feel free to ask questions about loved ones such as a husband, mom or dad, and even children; she will tell you how their presence influences your life. All sessions vary in time, based on your unique reading.